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About Horsham
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Horsham grew throughout the latter 19th and early 20th centuries as a centre of Western Victoria's wheat and wool industry, becoming the largest city in the Wimmera and Western Victoria by the early 1910s. Horsham's population had reached 6,388 in 1947 and so it was declared a City on 24 May 1949. Horsham named Australia's Tidiest Town in 2001 and Victoria's Tidiest Town in 2021. The population in 2021 was 20,429.


THE CITY OF HORSHAM - The Capital Of The Wimmera


The beautiful Wimmera River flows through the southern end of town with parklands and ancient red gum trees that line much of the river. You will find a number of walking tracks and boardwalks through the surrounding wetlands.


Take an easy stroll or pedal your way along the river and find points of interest on the way. The Wimmera River and its annual Fishing Competition are notable features of the city.

A new Anzac Centenary Bridge was built connecting both sides of the Wimmera River, Horsham in September 2017.

Base yourself in Horsham and explore the region's nearby attractions. The Grampians National Park and Wartook Valley are located 30 km southeast, while Natimuk and Mount Arapiles are widely regarded as one of the top rock climbing areas in Australia and only a short drive west of Horsham.

HORSHAM - Grampians Nth West Regional Guide click here APEX Adventure Island Pump Track (on the River) watch video Wimmera River Walking Map click here

Located on a bend in the Wimmera River, Horsham is approximately 300km northwest of Melbourne with an estimated population of 17,000.

Horsham is a lively city, with an excellent opportunity for shopping, dining and entertainment. The city offers a number of accommodation options along with a very robust business sector.


Take time out and visit the Horsham Botanic Gardens, designed by William Guilfoyle, who designed Melbourne's Botanic Gardens. The city is a significant stop-over point between Adelaide and Melbourne and contains nearly a dozen motels.

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