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Saturday, 16th March

Saturday, 1st June

Saturday, 13th July

- Sunday, 29th September
This Club Day will be your LAST CHANCE to have a run prior to the DPE Victorian Country Series Round 5 on 5th & 6th October.​ Enter our club day to get some practice on the Horsham circuit prior to round 5. All VCS classes will be offered at our club day including VC4ST 4SS. The circuit will then be closed from Monday 30 Sept to Friday 4th Oct as per VCS Rules. 

Saturday 23rd, November

Horsham Kart Track
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Visit our YouTube channel to watch the progress of our new Track Extension from the start...



330 metres of  new sub-base and track was added during our extension bringing our new overall length to 635 metres.

The new layout is more enjoyable for drivers providing a fresh challenge and less fatigue.


Our new exciting circuit has a combination of fast straights and stop-go corners with 180 degree bends which makes for good breaking duels We feel we've created an additional three opportunities for drivers to get creative in setting up passing moves.


Works on our track extension commenced on Friday 16th December 2021 and were completed in July 2022.


You can watch all our videos showing the progress from beginning to end by visiting our YouTube Channel. You can also find more videos, photos and more on our track extension journey on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

“When it comes to really feeling happy, it’s spending time with your children that is so rewarding”

“Karting forms a real family bond”

“Whether your travelling to different parts of the state together or gathering with friends and family at your local kart track, no other sport do you spend more of your time with your children like you do in karting”

Quote - Wimmera Kart Racing Club


"For those aiming for a career in motorsport, almost everyone who races cars started racing Karts"

"Karting teaches children, both boys and girls, basic driving skills well before they are able to obtain their road licence.

The sport of karting is an adrenaline rush quite like no other sport can provide"

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Darrens Sportography

PHOTOGRAPHERS around the country have been snapping amazing photos of you at the race circuit all weekend in all kinds of weather, rain, hail or shine, one of those photographers is Darren Isaac. Drop him a message if you would like a booking, we assure you his images will be spectacular!


Specialising in sports photography but is also available for portraits, events etc;

$30 for one kart and $50 for two. This includes all your usable images from the weekend and edits for these are a basic standard edit. Prints are available with complete edits, contact Darren for costs and sizes. Pre-book by emailing Darren your kart number and class with a message or see him at the Victorian Country Series rounds.

Darrens Sportography is the official photographer for the DPE Victorian Country Series and has been a supporter of the Wimmera Kart Racing Club for many years.

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